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All our products are CE certified (Compliance for Europe and Beyond), and also meet the RoHS legislation (Reduction of Hazardous Substances)

Ideal Uses:

- Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

- Snooker Table Lights

- Reading and Study

- Persons who are Partially Sighted

- Office work

- Artists

- Woodturning/Close inspection etc.

- Photography

- Grow Lights

Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Emits light as strong as a lightbox, but fits into standard light socket. (Please go to SADA website link).

Do you feel tired, demotivated, demoralised, low mood, low self esteem?  The effect of shorter days and grey skies can bring on the condition known as “winter blues”.  SAD is not a new phenomenon, it was recognised as long ago as 1845. 

An estimated half a million people are affected every winter by this form of depression, which is caused by a biochemical imbalance in the hypothalamus due to the shortened hours of daylight and the shortage of sunlight in winter. In up to 85% of cases, light therapy is shown to be effective.

Light is needed which is at least 10 times brighter than normal household lighting, which emits 200 – 500 lux. The minimum requirement for the treatment of SAD is 2500 lux.The intensity of a bright summer day can be 100,000 lux!

Our daylight bulbs of 45w and above more than meet the minimum requirement needed for SAD therapy (as advised by SADA for lightbox use). For example:

45w full spectrum daylight bulb emits 2900 lumens at 250mm.

65w full spectrum daylight bulb emits 4200 lumens at 250mm.

It is usually recommended that the light therapy should continue on a daily basis throughout the winter and during dull periods at other times of the year (as advised by SADA for lightbox use).

Our smaller bulbs, 20w and 30w, can be a helpful supplement in your daily surroundings to give the feeling of daylight indoors, economically.

"The pain of depression, anxiety and other emotional disturbances is as real as physical pain. It deserves to be understood, studied, treated, healed, and reimbursed by insurance just like the pain of any other illness."

Norman E. Rosenthal



Nulight bulbs are perfect for Snooker and Pool Tables. Due to the Daylight style of the bulbs they give better ball definition, which can result in improved accuracy. The 30w bulbs have proved to be particularly popular.

Many of the local snooker clubs are changing to these bulbs because they give better light - just like the quality seen at professional tournaments and on TV.

They are ideal for illuminating the table and have an added benefit, because they are much cooler than standard bulbs used. They will not cause heat damage to the bulb holders. The light gives a clearer definition on the balls, which should help improve accuracy.



Is it an effort to study or to read in the winter months? These Daylight bulbs should lessen eye strain, enable you to focus more easily, and therefore help concentration.


Partially Sighted:

These lights, which have been approved by VISTA (Leicester) for use where extra bright light may help with persons who have reduced eyesight. We are currently seeking approval from countrywide Local Authorities to recommend our larger daylight bulbs to help the Partially Sighted.


Office Work:

Take the opportunity to benefit from light therapy while you are working. Lessen eye strain at the computer; enjoy clear light for detailed work.



Daylight bulbs will improve colour definition; applies also to those who enjoy needlework, embroidery, tapestry, knitting. Easier on your eyes during the dark winter months.


Woodturning/Close inspection, Craftsmen/Craftswomen:

Bulbs remain cool in use so you do not get hot under the collar while working. Ideal for surface inspection and identifying faults. Our smaller bulbs, 20w and 30w are ideal for use around your lathes and other machinery where good light is essential. Due to the low temperature emitted by these bulbs, you can get the light, and yourself, much closer to the inspection area. Additionally, the larger wattage bulbs are perfect for overall workshop illumination.



Film Photography: When shooting pictures indoors by artificial light, you will have to make a decision about colour quality. Because most colour films are balanced for daylight, which is very blue and incandescent (tungsten) lighting is more red, pictures taken by artificial lighting on daylight film will have a warm overall tone.

General computer-users should set their PC monitor colour-temperature to "sRGB" or "6500 K", as this is what digital cameras, web graphics, and DVDs etc are normally designed for. Indeed the sRGB standard stipulates (among other things) a 6500 K display whitepoint.

Digital Photography: Although the normal recommendation for daylight film is 5,600 K, digital cameras are designed to work in an artificial lighting of 6500 K.

The definition of “daylight” has a broad spectrum and can vary greatly, but the standard tends to be about 6400/6500k. Our range of bulbs all have a colour temperature of 6400k. These bulbs are excellent for both studio work and when using light cubes.


Grow Lights:

We have had very positive feedback from some of our customers who have purchased these bulbs specifically to asist in speeding plant growth.


About us:

Nulight is a small, reliable, friendly family business, which is dedicated to supplying its customers with a quality product.

We believe in our products and are proud of our reputation, which has been built on excellent service, where the customer takes precedence.

Our company values are based on saving energy, providing support to those who suffer with SAD, and helping to save the planet.

We specialise in high quality, low energy, full spectrum daylight bulbs, which we can recommend for a wide range of uses and activities.

We strive to ensure you have a pleasant, hassle free experience when buying from Nulight. If a problem should occur, we will strive to solve it quickly and amicably. To Nulight, our customers are our business.

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